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DLSU-College of Computer Studies Center for Education and Computing has launched an online Health Informatics Course program in partnership with EHR International-Philippines Inc. This course combines the fields of healthcare, information management and technology.

This online health informatics course is designed to provide students with increased competency and knowledge in health informatics, particularly in the hospital environment.  With sensitivity to the fact that most if not all of the students will not have had significant exposure to electronic patient charting systems, the course will provide beginners with a solid foundation of the principles of health informatics and data collection before exposing them to hands on cloud computing systems.

Targeted end users are staff members of hospitals and clinics including physicians, nurses, technicians, pharmacists, and administrative personnel. The curriculum includes both theory and practice with labs using hospital information systems (HIS) and cloud based electronic health record (EHR) systems that will allow students to enter, review and report on patient information. The course will demonstrate the use of tablet, laptop, and desktop computers for bedside, ward and administrative care functions with an emphasis on improving patient care in all areas of the clinical environment.

At the completion of the course, students should demonstrate core competencies in health informatics including application of these concepts to an HIS and cloud-based EHR platform. Successful completion of the course should enable students to readily adapt to any modern EHR system and will improve student’s work opportunities in the future.

Certificate of Completion provided by DLSU-Manila and EHR International-Philippines Inc. will be awarded to students who demonstrate proficiency in the areas covered by the course and should assist students in obtaining and retaining employment in healthcare institutions that are adopting EHR platforms.

Certificate of Distinction will be awarded to students who demonstrate knowledge, skills and competence in completing health informatics capstone projects in actual hospital information systems and implementation sites. The capstone projects are intensive, active learning projects, that will allow students to learn from actual HIS and/or EHR design, deployment and/or implementation. The areas of focus may differ depending on the students’ abilities and opportunities which ranges from user requirements analysis, user experience design, project management, cloud-technologies, mobile health, training and education. Only selected students will be invited to participate for a capstone project based on their performance in the online course, participation in activities, and attitude towards the exciting field of health informatics.

The official list of all students who completed the course will be posted in EHRI-Philippines website (


Recommended Background

Any medical, allied health or IT professional with interest in health informatics. No PRC license required.


Course Instructors

The courses will be taught by experienced professionals in the field of health informatics, academe and research.


Frequently Asked Questions


1) What is the coverage of the course?

The course is divided into two tracks with different modules:

A. Health Informatics Track

  • Overview of Health Informatics

  • Standards and Interoperability

  • Hospital Information System and Business Applications

  • Health Informatics in the Cloud

  • Telemedicine

  • Data Mining, Analytics and Visualization

  • Change Management in Health Informatics Implementations

  • Ownership of Health Information Systems

  • Special Topics in Health Informatics

B. Health Informatics for IT Professionals

  • Overview of Health Informatics

  • Healthcare 101

  • Standards and Interoperability

  • Back to Basics: Technology Environment

  • Securing the Health IT environment

  • The Cloud: Myths, Realities and the Future

  • Technologies for Telemedicine

  • Change Management in Health Informatics Applications

  • Designing your Health Information Systems

    • Hospital Information Systems

    • Mobile Health


2) How long is this course going to take?

This online health informatics course is at least 13-weeks long. Students who qualify and opt to participate in capstone projects may take longer to complete the course.


3) How much time do I need to complete each module?

Each module is designed to be completed in a week provided that you spend at least 4 hours per week. The assignments vary in length and difficulty and may require you to spend more than usual in some modules.


4) Can I enroll in two (2) courses at the same time?

You may enrol to more than one course depending on your available time but we encourage that you finish one course at a time.


5) Will I be able to participate if I don’t speak in English?

All lectures and course communications will be delivered in English. You are welcome to communicate with classmates in the language of your choice, but all course assignments must be submitted in English.


6) How much does the course cost?

The Introduction to Health Informatics costs Php16,800.00 only while the Health Informatics for IT Professionals cost Php26,000.00 only.


7) Can I pay using my credit card?

Yes. DLSU-Manila has credit card payment facility. There is a minimal additional charge for credit card payments. However DLSU can only accommodate credit card payments if the applicant chooses to walk into DLSU for payment settlement.

For other payment procedures, click here.


8) Are there discounts available?

Absolutely. We want to make this course accessible and available to the most number of interested people and we are offering discounts for group registrations and qualified individuals.


Applicants are eligible for discounts if:

Category A: Twenty percent (20%) discount

1) Active members of Philippine Nurses Association (PNA)

2) Active members of Association of Deans of Philippine Colleges of Nursing (ADPCN)

3) Active members of Association of Nursing Service Administrators of the Philippines (ANSAP)

4) Active members of the Philippine Medical Association (PMA)

5) Active members of Philippine Society of IT Educators (PSITE)

6) Active members of the Nurses in KSA (Kingdom Saudi Arabia)

Note: Current and active IDs from the following organizations are required


Category B: Thirty percent (30%) discount

1) Nursing supervisors, managers, chief nurses of any government or private hospitals.

2) IT managers, directors of any government or private hospitals.

3) Employee of at least level 3 government or private hospitals


Category C: Forty percent (40%) discount

1) If they are serving in level 1 and level 2 government or private hospitals

2) Faculty of any accredited nursing school assigned to teach health informatics

3) Employee (full-time, part-time) or “volunteers” of any government or private hospital in the provinces of Laguna, Cavite, Batangas, Bulacan, Iloilo, and Benguet (including Baguio City)

4) Employee (full-time, part-time) or “volunteers” of any government or private nursing school in the provinces of Laguna, Cavite, Batangas, Bulacan, Iloilo, Cebu and Benguet (including Baguio City)


Category D: Fifty percent (50%) discount

1) Employee (part-time or full-time) of any of the following hospitals:

  1. Mary Johnston Hospital (Tondo, Manila)
  2. Wesleyan University Medical Center (Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija)
  3. The Health Centrum (Roxas City, Capiz)
  4. San Lorenzo Ruiz Women’s Hospital (Malabon City)
  5. San Lazaro Hospital (Manila)
  6. Philippine General Hospital (Manila)
  7. Veterans Regional Hospital (Bayombong, Nueva Viscaya)
  8. Ospital ng Makati (Makati City)
  9.  Ospital ng Muntinlupa (Muntinlupa City)
  10. St. Luke’s Medical Center (Global City and Quezon City)
  11. Southern Philippines Medical Center (Davao City)
  12. Wanless Hospital (India)
  13. Refuge International (Egypt)
  14. Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center (Tanzania)


Group Discounts:

Group of 10: Fifty percent (50%) discount

Group of 8: Forty percent (40%) discount

Group of 6: Thirty percent (30%) discount

Group of 4: Twenty percent (20%) discount


9) How can I pre-register to the course?

Visit this link to register:


Discounts are subject to Terms and Conditions:

  • Each student is eligible to ONLY one discount category.

  • In the event that more than one category applies, the highest discount rate shall apply.

  • Not valid with other promotions, offers or discounts

  • Limited to one discount per person per course only

  • Valid for this batch of students and course only

  • Management reserves the right to amend any terms and conditions, or items without further notice


10) What is the procedure for payment?

To view different payment schemes, view Payment Procedure for HI Course.




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  1. Juvy Castillo-Sister says:

    Is the course only applicable for Nurses? How about for Pharmacists?

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