All about HAAD-RN, DHA-RN and Saudi Prometric Examination

What is HAAD?

HAAD or Healthcare Authority Abu Dhabi is the framework and the regulatory body of the Healthcare Sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. It ensures excellence in the health system through monitoring and analysing health status of the community, inspects regulation and enforcing the standards in health, and adopts world- class best practices and performance targets by all healthcare service providers in the Emirate. It also implements programs to increase awareness and adoption of healthy living standards of its residents.

It has vision, mission, and values that direct its purpose in the community, which is to provide world- class and excellent healthcare services through following the international standards. It is bound to examine all healthcare service providers to ensure that they are well equipped and competent to provide safe practices.

It has developed its Professional Qualification Requirement (PQR) formerly known as the PersonnelQualification Requirement, which is the reference to standardize the licensing of health professionals. This includes two basic components: academic degrees and professional experience. For nurses, there are several requirements for specific positions but according to their PQR for a registered nurse to be qualified, you need to have a bachelor degree, valid national license, at least a BLS training certificate, and at least 2 years of clinical experience.

What is HAAD Examination?
Healthcare Authority Abu Dhabi Examination is a prerequisite today to be undergone by all those who wanted to work in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. It is used to ensure that all licensed healthcare service providersare competent and safe to practice in the independent settings. The examination includes written, oral, practical, objective structured clinical examination (OSCE), and computer based testing (CBT).

Professionals can apply to HAAD examination even prior to seeking a job. In order to apply, the applicant can visit the website, and check for the PQR and eligibility criteria. Applicants are advised to follow the instructions to create an account with the DataFlow website, because only online applications are accepted.
Examination is very important to ensure that healthcare professionals licensed in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi are clinically competent and safe to practice in independent settings. To achieve this, different types of examinations are provided as follows:
Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)
Computer-Based Testing (CBT)

Requirements needed for application are presented in the website. Fees, schedule of examination, venue, and all the how- tos are also available on the website given above.

As prices may also change in the future, here is the projected payment for the tests which is actually divided according to the test parts. With focus on the Nursing Profession, nurses are expected to prepare the following fees:

Specialization                                         Written                           Structured Oral         Practical     OSCE
Registered Nurse                                   *270.44(73.57 US$)                           –                               –                          –
Practical Nurse                                       *270.44(73.57 US$)                           –                               –                          –
School Nurse                                           *270.44(73.57 US$)                          50                            –                          –
Specialty Nurse                                      *270.44(73.57 US$)                          50                            –

According to the present guidelines, the payment for examination will be the stated fees payable directly to Pearson Vue, while the 50 AED will be paid to the HAAD Finance Department.


Makati City
Test Center: Pearson Professional Centers-Manila,Philippines
Address: 27th Floor,TridentTower,312 Senator Gil Puyat Avenue,Makati City,
Telephone: +63 2 887 2198

Quezon City
Test Center: AMA Computer University
Address: 4/F Computer Center Bldg. Maximina Street, Villa Arca Subdivision Project 8,Quezon City, 1100
Telephone: 2 3733901 Loc. 8231

Cebu City
Test Center: MISNet Inc. -CebuCity
Address: 5/F Ongtiak Business Center, #65 General Maxilom Avenue Cebu City, 6000
Telephone: +63-32 239-0035

Prometric Examination for Nurses is the popular name for Saudi Council Examination. In order to ensure a better employment status in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, this is a priority requirement on all agencies sending nurses there. According to news in 2009 by the Manila Bulletin, thePhilippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) emphasized that nurses must pass this kind of exam when intending to work in Saudi Arabia. There is a great reason why it is being encouraged since working in foreign lands may mean that nurses must be competent enough in meeting the different nursing needs of the international clients.

This type of examination is actually similar to the nursing licensure examination that nurses must pass in the Philippines. It is the Saudi Commission that mandates the existence and efficacy of this type of examination.

The Exam Parts:

The Prometric Examination for Nurses is composed of 70 questions in multiple choice formats. In about two hours, the examinee is required to finish the whole test set. In browsing the site of Prometric Exam, you will find that the description for nurses belongs to the category nurse aide.

As a nurse technician the exam is made in order to comprise the following parts:

Nursing Fundamentals: 28%

Medical – 23%

Surgical – 20%

Pediatric – 16%

Community – 13%

For Nurse Specialists, there is a different way of dividing the exam. This is how it is broken down:

Assessment – 10%

Nursing Problem – 6%

Planning – 20%

Implementation – 50%

Evaluation – 14%

For nurse technicians, the passing rate is 45% while for nurse specialists it is 50%. What is interesting here is that the rate of the examinee is readily released after the examination. It is in a form of Score Report that the examinee will know if he or she has passed the examination.

Prometric Exam Location

The Saudi Commission for Health Specialties has granted the accreditation to this exam center:

Prometric Testing Center
Ateneo Professional Schools, 130 H. Dela Costa St., Salcedo Village, Makati City
Telephone No.: (632) 892-0383


Prometric Testing Center
Tread, Inc., Suite 308, Centro Maximo D., Jakosalem St., Cebu City
Tel no. 032-2535514

Prometric Exam Payment Procedures

Once you have decided to get this examination, another thought would come into your mind is the price of this exam. Registration may come in a form of online registration of through mail. Your type of registrationdetermines the mode of payment that you will be applying.

For online registrants, take in mind that they would only accept credit card payment from major credit card companies such as MasterCard, Visa and America Express. Those who opted to send their applications via mail, they must also send the payment using the form provided as well as the payment is in a form of cheque.

According to recent reports, registrants in Saudi Arabia must pay an Examination Fee of $80.00. Those in Asia entail them to pay $90, while nurses coming from Africa, Europe, North America and the Middle East are required to pay $100.

Prometric Exam Registration Procedure

In order to start the registration process, please go to their website: A tab is allotted for exam takers, click it and browse the list box for the following items, Academics, Professional, Government and Corporate. Finally, choose among the items Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.

A new site will then pop out wherein the true process of registration starts as well as the selection of the job description is needed. For Nurses, the type of exam should be selected will be either Nurse Technician or Nurse Specialist.

A form is then supplied for you to fill in. Take in note all of the information you are entering so that in order to avoid incongruence. After that the payment information will be opened. Once you have entered the information being asked, review it and finally click the complete registration tab.

Schedule of examination and sitting arrangement can readily be available on the web. For more information about the Prometric Exam, just visit their official website



Dubai Health Authority (From

Here is a quick guide for all of you about how and what to do when applying for a nursing license under Dubai Health Authority.

 So let’s start.  There are things to consider before you apply as a nurse here in Dubai.  These factors are listed below. Keep in mind that “ALL” document copies should be clearly scanned for verification purposes of the licensing body.  If they see any alteration, they will notify you on your Dubai Health Authority Account (Sheryan).

 1.  Important documents.  These include transcripts of records, diploma, nursing license, board certificate and certificate of good standing, passport, 2×2 photo (formal attire, white background), and nursing experience.

 > For nurses with other licenses (i.e. USRNs, Canadian RN, Philippine RN, etc.), you should contact the nursing board of the country and ask a copy of your license or certificate.

 > For employment history (work experience) under hospitals, medical centers, clinics, company-based, and private nursing (PDN), you should have at least one to two (1-2) years experience and an employment gap“ of not more than “six (6) months”.  Training is not considered as a work experience.


* This image below is the list of required documents that will be submitted online for verification purposes and to allow the applicant to proceed with the examination.

2.  Testing centers.  After finishing the initial registration, you will choose where to get your examination.  From my experience, I had my examination here in Dubai.  You will have to pick a testing center near or within your country.  I do not know specifically where but you should contact Prometrics for information. The result of the examination may take one to five (1-5) days or a month.  The release of the result may vary from where you will get your examination.

 3.  Examination.  The examination is computer-based like NCLEX-USRN and CRNE. There are no interviews.  The examination itself comprises different scopes of the nursing profession.  Microbiology, Fundamentals of Nursing, Medical and Surgical, Obstetric and Gynecology, Oncology and Pharmacology.  In my examination, I encountered more pharmacological-related situations and medical-surgical managements.  The examination changes every after exam so there are no consistent review materials that I can give you but I encourage you to use updated references (2009-2012) and FOCUS on basic nursing managements, side-effects, nursing protocols, and signs and symptoms of a disease.  If you have already passed the NCLEX-RN, DHA will be easy for you.

* The image below is the qualification and licensing titles an applicant can apply.  This will be determined by the type of Nursing Program an applicant attained.

4.  Payment.

The payment are through online transactions.  You need to have a Visa or MasterCard issued by UAE banks.  I am not sure about the international cards but to my experience, I tried to use my own card issued from my country but it was not recognized.   You can clarify this by sending an e-mail to Prometrics and/or DHA.

Now I enlightened you guys, we will go to the step-by-step procedure of applying.  I attached a flowchart from DHA and a video explaining how to apply.


Detailed Video Instruction on how to apply for Dubai Health Authority – Examination for Nurses

From: and


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  1. Abbey Bee says:

    thank you. this is very helpful. god speed. :)

  2. jet says:

    can u pls help me with this concern , DHA prometrics and Saudi prometrics have same testing area/center, is it possible that i can use my Saudi prometrics licence in Dudai? or do i need again to take the DHA exam even i passed already the Saudi exam?

    • Nursinghub says:


      You cannot use any registration from other gulf countries as per the DHA. Only western-trained/registered with 2 years western-nursing experience are exempted with the examination.


  3. vina says:

    can i have my dha exam here in the Philipippines? if yes, do you know where is the testing center here? thank you.

  4. Lou says:

    Is RN Heals certification eligible for qualification for HAAD or DHA? Most nurses here in the Philippines are deployed through the RN heals program. Thank you.

  5. please give us information on that matter

  6. Charisma sasan says:

    I would like to ask if data flow is needed before anyone can sched a haad test in pearson vue. Coz it seems that it doesnt proceed to locating a test center anymore. It will just say that no test centers are allowed to give the said exam in the Philippines. And how would pearson vue know that u have data flow already when there is no box to chose whether u have or not applied for data flow.

    Thank you hope you would respond to my question

  7. Charisma sasan says:

    In addition, because before we were able to sched an exam but now it doesn’t proceed any more when ur up to locating a test center

  8. Charisma sasan says:

    My email add is tnx

  9. vanessa says:

    exactly charisma…i had the same experience..i think we need to be qualified first with dataflow first before you can scheduled for a testing center..

  10. Anna Barba says:


    I’m planning to take DHA prometric examination. I have done some researches and found out that Persons Vue doesn’t provide/hold DHA exam but HAAD only. Do you know other test centers here in Philippines where i can take DHA prometric exam? What are the requirements? How much would it cost? Registration process and payment transactions? Thanks

  11. Muhammad says:

    i am a Dental hygienist and i want to give dha or haad exam here in Saudi Arabia. kindly guide me how could i Rigistar here.

  12. katerine diaz says:

    can i take my DHA exam here in the Philippines? if yes, do you know where is the testing center here? thank you.

  13. mench says:

    do u know about testing center of dha in saudi arabia???

  14. HANANI F. DIONSON says:

    Is there any testing center here in Cebu or in Philippines for DHA exam for Dubai. And can you please tell me where it is and the contact number.

  15. ellen cabral says:

    good day!

    I intend to take the haad examination, however heard some news that testing centers here in the Philippines no longer conduct haad examinations. So, I would just like to confirm if such news are true. I can’t seem to find updates on the said issue.

    Your help is very much appreciated. Thanks.

  16. erika says:

    is working in city health office counted as an experience?tnx

  17. Mark says:

    Is RNHeals in RHU considered as work exp?

  18. Editha Santos says:

    Hi……thank you for this very informative site…….one more thing can I know the website of pearsonvue where can sendmy scanned documents?
    Please reply……thanks…..

  19. rafael mendez says:

    hi, i just wanna know what is the passing rate of haad? my aunt said that it is 90% when she asked her friends who also work in tawam hospital.

  20. Bobby says:

    I am planning to take DHA exam…. But I do have a problem with my experience.. 1 yr and 2 months as Rnheals (hospital based) and 10 months as staff nurse… Is my experince qualified to take DHA exam? Pls reply

  21. tech2people says:

    Hi everyone…if you face problems with exam registeration for HAAD, DHA, DATAFLOW, PROMETRIC….we can help you! Contact us on

  22. Eden says:

    I just want to know if we have DHA prometric exam in Philippines? Thanks!

  23. meecah says:

    hi may i know if theres any testing center for dha here in philippines?

  24. Sathya says:

    Can i know the amount of fees to be paid at assessment stage? DHA say the assessment fee is 260AED but the prometric test center says 170USD which one is the final payment?

    Please reply ASAP

  25. vida says:

    Is DHA easier than HAAD exam. Im having doubts in taking the HAAD lately. Ive heard the passing rate in HAAD is 90%. Is it true?

  26. Marie says:

    Hi..I will be taking Dha exam this august..Do you know who has dha review center here in Cebu?… Thank you…

    • filipinanurse12 says:

      hiiiiii. im going to take my dha exam this july 16. do u have any review materials?? thankksss

    • joy says:

      HI marie..just want to ask you took thedha exam here in cebu? im frm cebu too…if yes,can u pls tell me the location?ur response would be very much appreciated..thankyou and godbless

  27. Innah Macapanas says:

    Hi, I just to want ask, can I take the HAAD examination without 2 years Clinical experience, I am a freah graduate and I passed the PNLE just recently? Thank you :)

  28. Kath says:

    How can i process my data flow here in riyadh?

  29. NurseDon says:

    Is it easy to look for a job if you are DHA-licensed?

  30. Mudiyanse says:

    I passed Prometric Exam in Qatar. am I eligible to work in any other Gulf country with this? please inform me

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    saudi,dubai,singapore, maldives,india,nepal and all over the world
    And information about IELTS, CGFNS, RN, MOH, HAAD , DHA, Prometric and all nursing exams.
    vist the blog

  32. carla says:

    where is the new haad (pearsonvue) testing center in cebu located??
    the old address is no longer open. it is closed since December last year. I went by myself…
    please anyone>????

  33. Virgilio says:

    Hi to all! I am an NCLEX Passer, and im just curious if i stil need to take haad to acquire a abudhabi license? I’ve heard po kasi na kapag NCLEX Passer, pwede daw yun isubmit sa data flow and mabibigyan daw ng haad license.

  34. danilo darel jacob manalo says:

    kindly drop the name of danilo jacob manalo from the saudi council health nursing passers list 2014….he is not adapatable to go to kingdom of saudi arabia for he is still under the state of using drugs…let yu know if he is ok………

  35. sana says:

    can anyone suggest d exam of saudi prometric based..i mean its course, center, passing percentage etc
    thank you

  36. ruru says:

    how can i re apply for new license? i will re take my exam can you please help me by telling the whole process and, how can i get the psv receipt? thank you

  37. SABITHA says:



    please inform me when the exam held in my e-mail.

  39. claire abad says:

    Hi.just want to ask if you are working as a nurse company clinic ,can u take the haad exam or not?
    Please reply to my email add..thank you..

  40. val albing says:

    I was about to register prometrics online but don’t know what to put as sponsor.Pls help me on this.Philippines.thanks lots..

  41. elizabeth says:

    I’m a Bsc nurse,passed out from Rajiv gandhi university in Oct 2012.Since then till December 2014, , I was working in clinical setting. Our registration was completed during May 2013. Now I would like to apply for MOH-RN UAE exam..with my above mentioned experience, am I eligible to write the moh exam?

  42. Marissa says:

    Thank you so much harby my batchmate @ brokenshire indeed so proud of what you are now..thank much for important informations you have shared.i just want to clarify about a rumor that DHA exam is not available already here in phils? How true is this? Hope you help me..thank you and godbless.

    • kikomonster says:

      there are still .. exam going on.. testing centers I think, manila and cebu.. major cities in the phil. once there are prometric exams. it caters DHA, MOH, HAAD, testing centers for those ara Prometric.. and good luck!!.. DHA has only 70 items.. more on fundamentals in nursing. so dont forget your fundamentals!!!! its the pillar and basis of nursing practice….

  43. ces says:

    hi good day! hope everything is well.. I just want to ask if what is the difference between ” saudi licensing exam” and “saudi commission for health specialist”..
    I choose the first one for my prometric exam for labtech, but I am confused, I might chose the wrong category.. are they the same? please help me,. thank you and more power! :)

    best regards,

  44. sumit pradhan says:

    i am staff nurse and i m RN in my country i want to work in dubai but i dont have any idea how to apply there for a job and i have 2 yrs work experience in hospital could u plz help me

  45. JANE says:

    HELLO,Ask q lang po paanu po ma activate yun eligibility number q?mag second take exam po aq sa prometric pero di aq makapa schedule kc my eligibility number does not exist.plz help nyo po aq.thank u

  46. KENSHIN says:

    Ask ko lang po… what exact years experience need in dataflow in qatar???

  47. Edz says:

    Hi, can u pls help me. My question is I have 3 years experience in saudi as a nurse. I want to take haad exam but they said that my experience is not qualified because it is not post registration. I worked in saudi from 2011 to 2014. But my company registered my exam 2013 so i got my license on 2013. They said my valid date is 1 year only because i got my license on 2013. Pls reply thanks.

  48. mark says:

    Hello po, nakapagtake po ako ng prometric nung August 2013, where hindi pa required ang magdataflow na mauna that time.
    Nagstart me magwork dito sa KSA last May, 2014.
    Lahat lahat dito na prinocess lahat ng papers ko, para sa License, iqama pati ang Data flow. Something strange lang kc yung receiving copy ko ng applicationn for dataflow is may stamp seal from UAE. So i assume na hindi dito sa KSA ang mag aassess ng dataflow namin kundi sa UAE mismo.
    Until now kasi wla pa kami natatanggap na certificate or news regarding sa status since kami ang pinakafirst na ginawan ng dataflow sa polyclinic namin.
    After kc matapos contract ko dito balak kong magHAAD exam. Ang tanung ko lng po if possible po ba na gamitin ko ang dataflow from KSA pra mag mkapagapply for HAAD exam, although ang problem ko for the mean time is kung pano makaobtain ng certificate sa dataflow ko d2 sa KSA…

  49. raf says:

    Hellow ah xental technician taking for prometric dental technician po ano po ang passing rate nila.pls help

  50. aim nutrition says:

    Hi.i am a fresher and a degree holder of nutrition/ it possible to go to dubai work in a smaller clinic or any place as a nutritionist without DHA license.and eill that experience be considered for writing DHA exam.

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  52. papiiRN says:

    Hi :)
    can i ask if i am applicable in taking up HAAD.
    i have 1 year and 6 months duty in the hospital as staff then 1 year as pharmacy assistant then i rest for 6 months while waiting for my papers..then work as homecare nurse in qatar for 6months. does a gap of 1 year and 6months in practicing my profession will affect my eligibility in applying for haad?

  53. Niz says:

    I have my dha license here in dubai. I want to work in Qatar do I need to take prometric?

  54. Imagine if your software is appearing on this page, you increase the chances of capturing Ana as a promising lead.

  55. richard tayao says:

    is there a haad exam for nurses in singapore?thank you!

  56. ganga g nair says:

    I already finished Dataflow verification in Saudi Arabia.. So Can I proceed with dat one for DHA?

  57. of course like your web site however you have to take a look at the spelling on several of your posts.

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  59. Henry Perez says:

    I just want to ask question…

    I am working now as an OFFSHORE NURSE in a jack-barge who is working in gulf country. I been assigned in KSA for 1 year and now they are going to transfer me in Qatar.

    I am just using my Philippine License as that is the only required requirements from my UAE based company.

    I am working as Nurse as there is limitation and boundaries between seabase and landbase, even I don’t have prometrics license.

    If I am not mistaken, I can function as nurse at sea but not on land since I don’t have license in their country. ( correct me if I am wrong)

    In this case… I decided to take haad or prometrics as career advancement.

    My question is…. Is my offshore experience as Nurse credited to qualify me for the exam?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thanks in advance!

  60. eldho says:

    Saudi heart association BLS is valid for health authority of abudabi

  61. fallenangel says:

    hi,just wanna ask,is dha exam and prometric exam the same?like,if im already a passer of prometric,do i still need take dha exam so that i can apply to dubai?

  62. charlie says:

    hi anyone know the contact number or where is the place of dha examnation here in jeddah ksa pls leave a msge the updted contact number i tried to call them but bthe say zhey did not conduct exam

  63. Md Masroor Faiyazi says:

    Plz contact me soon

  64. leahmeter91 says:

    good day!! just wanna ask for some help! i had my dataflow for haad. can i use it to take exam for dha?thank u!

  65. jithin chandran says:

    dear sir ,
    Iam a graduate in General Microbiology and i wish to aaply for the DHA which position may i have to apply.laboratory Technologist or microbiology Technician

  66. Mary says:

    Hi. My friend is just curious. She is working now in the kingdom and planning to take haad exam after the contract. Is it okay if she will use the experience here in ksa to take the haad exam?? Thank you!

  67. joy r says:

    hi anyone know where is the haad testing area in jeddah? how to apply? thank you

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  69. hensly08 says:

    question: I am currently working in Oman as a nurse in a public hospital, and i want to take the HAAD exam, what are the requirements?
    MOH here is not issuing Good Standing Certificate to the nurses currently working, else, you need to resign then they will give you good standing. what is the possibility that i can take the HAAD exam?


  70. Pete says:

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  71. Cyan says:

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  76. Wainee says:

    Hi good day.
    Am rowaina currently working as staff nurse here in Riyadh Polyclinic..
    I would like to ask bout my problem..
    I do take prometric exam before year 2014 and passed it.
    Ive been hired and when we got to SCHC Saudi council to have my certificate I gor a big problem with my philippine experiece which is 6months only. So they cant issue my saudi license card then I am going to have my final exit next month. I was planning to go again abroad. UAE or Dubai which is HAAD and there any problem if I used my certificate of emplyment here in KSA even i dont have any saudi license card. Can I take HAAD OR DHA exam without any conflict. Also am working already as staff nurse for3yrs in KSA. THANKYOU this will b a great help.

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  78. Joby says:

    I had completed Saudi data flow can I take exam date for haad -rn with this data flow now I have googstanding certificate and ACLS and bls certificate with me can be clubbed it together any options plz hreplay to me

  79. Kath says:

    I took dha exam but i failed. How is the retake process? Thank you

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