Earn your Masters and Doctorate Degree in Nursing at St Paul University Philippines ENROLLMENT NOW OPEN for 4th Term



Tuguegarao City, Cagayan 3500

Curricular Offering

3rd Trimester SY 2011-2012

Doctor of Nursing Science (DNS) (61 units)

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Non-thesis and Thesis Program

MSN Major in Adult Health (42 Units)

MSN Major in Women’s Health (42 Units)

MSN Major in Primary Health Care (42 Units)

MSN Major in Nursing Administration (42 Units)


About the school

Schedule of Fees for 9 units:

  • DNS : 947/unit Total fees with Miscellaneous: P13,210.00
  • MSN: 782/Unit Total fees with Miscellaneous: P 11,495.00
  • Downpayment 3,000.00

Schedule of Classes for both DNS and MSN Programs

  • Flexible at 3 classroom sessions and 2 on-line sessions per 3-unit subject. One subject to be finished before start of another subject.
  • Saturdays, variable as needed
  • Nurses with MN (non thesis program) can enroll for Doctor of Nursing Science. The 1st term of the program is considered as an introductory/bridging course.
  • An Extension Program will be offered to any place of the country provided there is a minimum of at least 15 Students per Program (MSN/DNS)
  • 4th Trimester will start on April 2012
  • Enrollment is now on-going for the 4th Trimester
You may post your inquiry below this post or contact the Graduate School Coordinator Dr. Wireen Dator thru her email datorwireengs@yahoo.com or call her at 09228815548

55 Responses to “Earn your Masters and Doctorate Degree in Nursing at St Paul University Philippines ENROLLMENT NOW OPEN for 4th Term”

  1. Mae labanza says:

    Hi do you have online study for master of science in nursing? What are thr requirements and the costs? Thanks

  2. harki says:

    hellow madam/sir
    i would like to know about the admission and schlorship criteria of master in nursing
    thanking you

    yours faithfully

    • harby says:

      SPUP does not offer scholarship for Master program

      • Bartolome De Peralta says:

        Hello, am asking a favor. do you have idea what are those requirements for PhD in Nursing Science? I have already completed my MAN with thesis and i want to pursue my career in Doctor in Nursing specially in St Paul University located at Tuguegarao City offered Open University.
        Thank you so much and hoping to hear from your end soon

  3. beng says:

    may online ba sa st.paul univ for MSN? nsa abraod ako..magkanu tuition fee..panu terms dun..
    email nyo po ko ven_charles@yahoo.com

    thnk po


  4. Hazel says:

    I just want to ask if you have online course for PhD in Nursing Administration.I am currently working in abroad so I think online study is only thing that I can do now. Can you please email me the curriculum of any doctoral in nursing. Thank you so much.

  5. Delfin says:


    May i inquire for Online course for any Doctoral studies for nursing. I am currently working at Oman Ministry of Health. Kindly reply to my email address. thanks and GOD bless

  6. Have a pleasant day Madam/ Sir

    Madam/ Sir I inquire in Doctoral of Nursing Science, I’m Jhesmar A. Dela Cruz from Gotladera St., Zone 2 Bulan Sorsogon. what are the requirements and costs of Doctoral of Nursing science. thanks and more power

    • harby says:

      @Jhesmar: SPUP-DNS program will be offered in Cebu this coming april 2013. Please send me an email to nurseharbee@gmail.com for easy communication

      • marianne sotelo says:

        good day.pls give me a copy of the course outline for phd in nursing.im interested to enrol.what are the requirements?im from st. paul university iloilo.where in cebu will you offer the program?thanks.

  7. Dinah says:

    Christmas greetings!! I’m a MAN student and have earned 30 units… I just want to know if, pwede bang magpaconvert from MAN to MSN sa school nyo po? If ok po, may I know d requirements. Thanks a lot. God bless.

  8. Mary Andre M. Lim says:

    I am interested to enrol on this online bridging program for MAN.
    please give me the requirements,….
    I have finished my MN from Ateneo de Davao University in 2005.
    Please reply asap….thank you very much…

  9. Charito Garcia says:

    Can you please provide me information about MSN,I am interested and would like to pursue my masteral degree but I am presently working abroad I preferred to do it online.
    In addition kindly provide the information about the fees, requirements, schedule and mode of payments.
    Thank you!

  10. Great writing. My thanks for posting this. I will definitely come here to find out more and tell my neighbors about this site.

  11. Lydia says:

    Do offer online for PhD in Nursing? how much.. Thank you

  12. jenny says:

    hi i would like to know about the distance learning for msn degree..? thanks so much!! :))

  13. Zuzette says:

    When will be the start of enrollmement fir second semester for dns course?
    Is there any scholarship program i can avail? Thank you :)

  14. delsalyn grail sallidao fagyan says:

    Good Evening. I just want to inquire if your good school is offering online MSN,PhD or MAN. I’m working as a nurse here abroad.. Thank You.

  15. GPS says:

    I also would like to know whether online MSN is offered at St. Paul. what are the requirements.

  16. shey says:

    hi! i am working abroad. do u have the online MSN program? how can i apply? thanks!

  17. mykeljb says:

    I would like to inquire kung kailan po ulit next enrolment.and kailangan pa po ba ipaevaluate ung MsN degree ko? pede po ba online enrolment or personal na pupunta ng school? ano po terms ng pasok? pede po ba un online distance learning style and modular?

  18. lou says:

    ask ko lng po ang process ng enrolment sa distance learning and d neded reqts..tnx

  19. Sahid S. Angkad says:

    Hi! I am interested to study MSN online..Can you please give me an information how to apply on it..I am currently working in Saudi Arabia..Thanks!

  20. Zen says:

    Hi…I’m currently working here in Riyadh,just want to ask if you’re offering online for MSN and how much.Please send me details.Thank you

  21. gina carla yadao says:

    can you pls. give me information about MSN online session.. tnx..

  22. Chaw Mhel says:

    ., i’d like to inquire about the masteral program online, thanks

  23. reu says:

    i’m interested. pls. provide us the details regarding the program and the process of admission. tnx.

  24. mithi cabangbang-viray says:

    Ask re online studies…

  25. Thad Arcena says:

    hi just want to ask query if you have an online program for the MSN degree that cater to those nurses working abroad like me. Thank you

  26. dave says:

    Can you send the whole composition of the curriculum of the doctor of nursing science?

    Is there a online distance education for Doctor of Nursing Science?

  27. Aki_chan says:

    Good day po. I am about to graduate in my MAN (non-thesis) degree and I am interested of enrolling DNS at Saint Paul Tuguegarao. Gusto ko lang po sanang malaman kung anu-ano po yung mga requirements upon enrolling. Is it true po ba na kailangan pa ng at least 2 unpublished thesis? Kung okay lang po paki-email nalang po yung mga info sa email address (akisan_macatulad0716@yahoo.com) ko po. Thank you. Looking forward for your response.

  28. louise says:

    hi, can u give me the details on how to enroll in your online masteral, im interested to take msn currently working now in riyadh,,tnx

  29. jay says:

    hi good day
    Can you please provide me information about MSN or Man program.
    I am interested and would like to pursue to take masteral degree but I am presently working abroad I preferred to do it online.
    In addition kindly provide the information about the fees, requirements, schedule and mode of payments.
    Thank you!

  30. mari says:

    I would like to inquire on your distance education for MSN or MAN. I had my 36 post graduate units when I enrolled MAN from a school in cabanatuan. Can you please send me information on how I can continue my masters degree with your school and how much would be the fee. Is it possible for my subjects to be credited in your school? Thank you very much!

  31. Jayson Tumacder says:

    Im about to finish my MSN course, interesado ako sa DNS, ilang years po ang gugugulin bago matapos ang DNS pwede po makita yung prospectus or course syllabus ng DNS salamat po

  32. jo says:

    hi, im currently working here in saudi. i am inetested to enroll masters in nursing. would you allow online study? thank you

  33. Patrick says:

    interested about masters degree for nursng online please email me

  34. jonalyn says:

    hi, im currently working in uae, im interested to enroll MSN online.Thank you

  35. carmela says:

    hi. i am interested in your MSN distance learning program. what are the requirements. thank you

  36. berna says:

    good day!i would like to inquire about online masters program.im currentlly working in oman..thanks

  37. vivian says:

    Hi im currently working here at ksa.. would like to inquire on your MSN online course and what are tje requirements.. thank you

  38. Alou says:

    Good day
    I am currently working in oman and is interested on your program.
    Can you give us details about ur MSN program?
    Thank you

  39. karla says:

    Hi, im interested with your distance learning program. I would like to take a non thesis masteral course. What are the requirements and your terms? Thanks you god speed.

  40. jean says:

    My friend is interested in your program. Kindly send details about your MAN & MNS program.

    thank you

  41. Mylene says:

    Good Day!I’m presently working here in Saudi Arabia and I’m interested on the online program for Masteral in Nursing.Kindly send the details and the requirements of the program.Thank you.

  42. Arlene says:

    Im also base abroad and i im interested doing msn on line. Kindly send me details of the msn on line program pls…

  43. Jay says:

    Good Day! I’m presently working here in Dammam, Saudi Arabia and I’m interested on the online program for Nursing Masters degree.Kindly send the details and the requirements of the program.This would help me big time in my current clinical post here in my institution. Thank you and God bless!

  44. danessa says:

    Good day; i’m presently working in here in Abu Dhabi and i’m interested with your online masteral program for Nurses.
    Can you help me.
    thanks a lot

  45. Hi do you have online study for master of science in nursing? What are thr requirements and the costs? Thanks…Please send me feedback at my account Ggrace_lim@yahoo.com

  46. camille says:

    im currently working abroad and im interested to study for master of science in nursing may i know the requirements and cost? thank you

  47. Gladys Zurbito says:

    I’m weing here in abroad and I m interested for this online masters degree in nursing can you please send me the details and how much it will cost thank you gladys.acost@rocketmail.com

  48. Maricon Atubang says:

    Good afternoon!…. I used to study MAN in Baguio City however I have to stop to work abroad (Saudi Arabia)… that was already more than 2 years ago (year 2012) I finished only 18 units of the program… I want to continue studying MAN if possible in your university if you have online master’s degree non-thesis… please send me the details and the cost of the program .. and if the subjects from my last school will be carried….thank you so much vonmido777@gmail.com

  49. Christina Carag Masigan says:

    good afternoon! I want to continue my studying to MSN thru online is it possible for me because I’m working outside the country.. I want the non-thesis MSN.. thank you.

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